Mission Statement

Tuppence for Social Change works to bring attention to social injustices by focusing on an oppression and, through theatrical tools, encourages audiences to participate and practice what they would say in those situations. Theatre for Social Change gives the audiences a safe environment that becomes a rehearsal for life.

Current Projects


Past Projects

Forum & Image Theatre: The Aftermath of Sexual Assault with members of Omega Phi fraternity at Trinity University.

Forum & Image Theatre: The Aftermath of Sexual Assault with  new members of Omega Phi fraternity at Trinity University.

"On the Porch with The Lavens: How Music Shaped a Family" in collaboration with AtticRep.

Theatre for Social Change project on domestic abuse at Trinity University in collaboration with the university theatre department.

What We Do

Tuppence For Social Change actively goes into communities and addresses the oppressions being experienced. Using research and stories that we have gathered about the oppression, we create a play of 10-15 minutes addressing the topic with actors and members of your community. Eventually, through spectator involvement, we identify solutions to the oppression.Spectator involvement is crucial, so that individuals practice and learn how to correct oppressions.  We hope to provoke change by starting a conversation. We offer a safe place in which to practice for life, teaching real people how to bring about the necessary change in the oppression.  We also hope that through this work we can break the bystander effect. We stand for freedom for all and believe that none should suffer from any oppression. We accomplish this important task by offering the following workshops to schools (Middle School, High School, and University levels), workplaces, and other social environments.


Image Theatre

Based on an issue of your choice, participants will be led through a process of creating a series of three images using only their bodies.  The first showing the oppression, the second showing the ideal situation, and the third showing the active transformation between the two in order to achieve the ideal.  Lessons are taught on oppression, what oppressive forces are present with the given issue, and how to combat those oppressive forces.  Image Theatre is useful as participants pinpoint a specific oppression and then develop a specific action that will bring about the necessary change.

Forum Theatre

Our team, in collaboration with members of your community, will create and perform a scene based on the given issue and the oppressions within. We will use research and stories gathered anonymously from your community to inform our scene.  Once educated on the oppression, we will perform the scene for your community. After the first run of the scene we do it again and allow the audience to participate, intervene, and practice their solutions.  The exercise is concluded with a discussion about the oppressions and the process.  Participants will engage in real life scenarios in a safe and educational environment where they can express their ideas and practice for life.

Contact Jacob Pursell for workshop options: email at jacobpursell@gmail.com or call/text at (210)882-7518